The Missing Guest

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Writer, cartoonist, blogger, fool. I've written blogs for years including 'The Richard Madeley Appreciation Society', but 'The Spine' is my oldest blog and the one that contains the most of 'me'.
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6 Responses to The Missing Guest

  1. Feint Zebra says:

    Whats this? I nip on to see if you’ve any new posts and I can actually comment on the one I really wanted to comment on???

    Fantastic cartoon. Too soon? Maybe for some, but if you can’t find humour in death, then your dead inside anyway!

  2. Lure the Sea says:

    The artist who comments on Mr Appleyard’s blog works with unusual material for his sculpture. Just saying!

  3. Feint Zebra says:

    I forgot to tell u – the middle chap looks like Patrick Swayze – so my wife says. Looks more like a young Barbara Windsor to me.

    • The Spine says:

      Always the critic. It was late and I was peering at a picture of Rock Hudson on an iTouch screen. However, it could just as easily have been Patrick Swayze.

      You just think all my pictures look like Barbara Windsor. You’re nearly as obsessed as somebody else I know, particularly about Babs Winsor circa 1965.

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