An Aircrash Cartoon

Air crash cartoon

A very quick cartoon based on the idea offered here by Barman and, in fairness, probably nothing like he suggested, especially since he did say that it wouldn’t need a caption. I’d probably draw this quite differently if I were doing it again and spend more time working it out in pencil to avoid the mistakes I made here. I’d also add seatbelts which are conspicuously absent as well as a sense of oxygen escaping without cheating by using Photoshop to add some blurred debris in the foreground. I originally penciled in the little man as more of a dwarf but I decided that it looked too cruel, with the result being the strange little man we have here.


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13 Responses to An Aircrash Cartoon

  1. Barman says:


    It is excellent!

    We did agree 60:40 on the royalties didn’t we….?

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