Holiday Slideshows


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Writer, cartoonist, blogger, fool. I've written blogs for years including 'The Richard Madeley Appreciation Society', but 'The Spine' is my oldest blog and the one that contains the most of 'me'.
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2 Responses to Holiday Slideshows

  1. Barman says:


    Most excellent!

    Faced the same thing recently – ‘cept it was on an iPad… :(

    How many fucking pictures of your grandchildren do you think the average sane person would want to see in his lifetime…? ::)

    • TheSpine says:

      LOL. So true. It’s why I don’t use Facebook but those people I know are continually showing me the ‘cute’ babies of people I don’t know.

      Now I think about it, I’ll have to do a cartoon about that phenomenon.

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