I’m going crazy…

I’m having a crap day. My computer has developed a form of low level insanity by which it randomly thinks that the ALT key is pressed. Driving me crazy. I can be typing and then I’m suddenly navigating menus… It’s not a problem with ‘Sticky Keys’ or a hardware problem (this is happening with different keyboards). I have no idea what the problem is and it’s now lasted through three reboots and three hours…

In addition, today, a hot sunny day when I need the window open to breathe in this small office, the local retirement home is having a garden party with ‘entertainment’. That entertainment is a local folk singer with an amplifier and he’s driving me crazy. I’m currently sitting listening to ‘The Oakie from Muskogee’… No, it’s changed. ‘You were always on my mind… You were always on my mind.’

I’ve always needed peace and quiet to write. It’s something to do with hearing words in my head as I write them. It’s probably why I prefer the winter. There’s no way I can work with this keyboard problem and that music…

So, in lieu (subsequent pun intended) of the things I wanted to write out, here’s Lou Reed being witty and intelligence in this Guardian piece. He’s sounding weak but I’m amazed to see him in public after his recent liver operation. Just these few choice quotes remind me why I’d don’t mind if he’s a truculent arsehole when meeting fans and journalists.

Oh, Christ this is impossible. The folkie is now singing ‘Matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs’ and the keyboard is driving me slowly crazy.

I’m going to see if I can fix this bloody machine… Can of worms about to be opened…

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