The Summer Fun Cartoon

Swimming UrinalYesterday’s discussion with Barman got me thinking about the hygiene properties of swimming pools and it occurred to me that we’d probably think differently about sticking kids in these fungal pits if we described them exactly how they are.

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3 Responses to The Summer Fun Cartoon

  1. Barman says:


    Nice one… is it green yet…?

    • TheSpine says:

      Haven’t looked. Hang on…

      Ooh, it is! It has got a definite green tinge! And I didn’t have to do anything. Their grandkids (and friends) haven’t been around so I guess it will have to be emptied before anybody swims in that. I might get a peaceful few days…

      • Barman says:

        Most excellent!

        The green will grow on the sides and bottom too – they’ll have to scrub it out with bleach to get rid of it completely!

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