Movie Poster for a Modern Classic



Terrible, I know…

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Writer, cartoonist, blogger, fool. I've written blogs for years including 'The Richard Madeley Appreciation Society', but 'The Spine' is my oldest blog and the one that contains the most of 'me'.
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3 Responses to Movie Poster for a Modern Classic

  1. STU says:

    ha ha! wonderfully terrible!

    • TheSpine says:

      Ah, thank you! If one person enjoyed it, then I know it was worth the nearly 19 seconds it took to think it up and create it. This is what I’m all about, you see: quality blogging for the discerning reader.

  2. Leg-iron says:

    It does look as if the astronaut is falling into a bowl of badly-mixed Bisto.

    Still, one more lump won’t be noticed.

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